Way Better Than Free

waybetterthanfreeCan the photographer doing the favor really offer the same wedding experience as the photographer charging $2500? Maybe.  Can the real estate agent offering a no commission deal to his family friend provide the same service as the real estate agent receiving 3% commission? Possibly.  But do you really want to take that chance?

Competing with free can be tough.  If you’re in business, you’ve probably run across a time when somebody offers one of your clients the same service you offer for free.  But is it the same service? Ask yourself.  Is it worth it for your customer to pass on free? Do you really offer something better than free?

What you say in your messaging is important.  How you are portrayed by your customers is crucial.  But delivering in a way that causes people to intentionally act (and buy) is all that really matters.  You’ve got to be way better than free!

I’m looking for sales professionals

Not participating in regular sales meetings, lacking a sales manager, and/or not having regular sales education opportunities for growth is no way to become the ultimate sales professional!

Do you know an independent or unsupported sales rep who would like to become the ultimate sales professional?

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