Why? Is there a more important question?

handlightdrwbSimon Sinek started a whole new revolution in business when he delivered “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” at TEDx. The concept of asking why isn’t new. One of the first questions we learn as young children is “why?” Why do I have to? Why can’t I…? When we are asking why, we are attempting to reach the purpose of the action (unless it’s a pre-teen asking why she must make her bed, but that’s for a whole different subject!). When Simon Sinek addressed this topic at TEDx, he inspired business leaders everywhere to rethink what they were doing. It was great and I highly recommend you view his talk (found here). More than finding your why, I’d like to cause you to think about it’s importance. Is there a more important question than “why?” in your business?

There are many driving factors for business people. Some do it for the money while others for the fame. Some are in business to give themselves something to do (so they don’t get bored) while others to tell people what to do (power trippin’). But those “whys” aren’t what will push you beyond your own limits, to a place where you will stop at nothing to achieve your goals. The whys that matter are those that, most likely, include a piece of your life’s experience. Your why should strike a personal chord. Why am I in business?

“Because every business professional that strives for success deserves to achieve it.”

I’ve personally been held down and held back in my life, both professionally and personally. I worked in many environments where those that worked the system succeeded and those that worked hard, and honestly, were left behind. I have seen people done dirty by more experienced business people taking advantage of them. I’ve watched business professionals buy into programs that weren’t good for them but did so because they were sold dishonestly. I used to believe in survival of the fittest at all costs. I refuse to allow that nonsense into anyone’s business if I can help it.

What about you? What were some of your greatest tragedies and failures? What moments in your life have changed the way you lived it? What inspires you?

I would love to hear your why! Why you live life the way you do or why you do business the way you do. Would you inspire me with your story? Make it as long or as short as you’d like. Just send an email to ryan@ryanjamesmiller.com. It would be a privilege to receive.

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