Why People Make All the Difference in the World with Mikhail Alfon

Mikhail Alfon is the Founder and President of Blue Light Media, a digital marketing and advertising agency located in Costa Mesa, CA. He and his team at Blue Light have developed an industry-leading content planning, production, and distribution process and teamed up with some of the best technologies in the industry to create results that matter.  

Apart from what you read in a traditional bio, Mikhail is an amazing human and has become a good friend to me. As you will hear many times in this episode, what I admire Mikhail most for is his character, his leadership, and his heart to serve others and that’s exactly what made this episode one of the best I’ve ever recorded.

We spent time talking about the near-unbelievable challenges Mikhail had to overcome early in his life, what he believes really brings about joy and happiness, the keys to running a successful company, and why taking a helicopter to lunch should be a necessity for every hungry entrepreneur. 

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