Why Resilience is So Important, with Scott D Speight, Military Chaplain, and Leadership Coach

Today’s episode is a continuation of the discussions that we’re having around manhood and masculinity. It’s far less about how to be more of a man, or “here’s how I built my business on manhood and masculinity,” and much more about the intricacies of men living the lives that they are, and how those experiences have revealed to them opportunities to live the life that God has called them to, as a man in the world today.

This week, I’m joined by Scott D Speight – chaplain in the military, as well as a leadership coach and trainer. We dive into:

  • Resiliency
  • How Scott’s experience as a military chaplain shaped his perspective on current and future generations
  • The experiences that forced Scott to re-evaluate and refocus his priorities, through his work with clients and students
  • So much more! 

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Website – http://spiritualcarecenter.org/ 

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