You Failed to Close Again


You failed to close the sale again. It seems to be getting more and more repetitive. You are saying all the right things, at all the right times, to all the right people. There wasn’t a thing wrong and yet, the client told you “no”. What were they thinking? What was their problem? Don’t they understand what you were offering?

Ok, it’s time to pinch yourself and wake up. The above scenario sounds ever so familiar, because that’s how we play out most deals after we lose them, but the reality is that it typically goes down much different. So let’s think through this together.

Pre-meeting prep
What kind of prep did you do ahead of time? Was this a follow up meeting? Did you study your notes from the last meeting? Did you have any notes from the last meeting? If this is the first meeting, did you do any research on the client? Did you know who you were talking to (what they like, don’t like, expect, etc)? Did you bring relevant content to the meeting (brochure, testimonials, etc)?

Meeting approach
Did you go into the meeting ready to close the sale? If so was that an appropriate expectation? Why did you approach the meeting the way you did? Did the prospect offer up information or suggestions which led you to believe the way you approached the meeting was the right one? Were you prepared to close a deal or did the client surprise you when they tee’d up the sale?

During the meeting
What types of questions did you ask? Did you even ask questions or just throw up a bunch of information? Why did you say what you said? Were you following a script (could be bad or not)?

Self Evaluation
There are a slew of other reasons why you may or may not have closed the sale. The most important thing that I encourage you to take away from this post is that you should be evaluating every single meeting afterwards. We definitely don’t do things right all the time. The post-meeting dream conversation that I had with myself at the beginning of this article is one that many of us often have. That just demonstrates that we see things a lot differently than other people see things. If that wasn’t the case, we would have closed the sale. Take time to ask yourself as many questions as you can. Ask what went wrong. Ask what went right. Ultimately the goal is to perfect our sales conversation so that we can close more sales and become more successful salespeople.

If you have questions regarding this post, or need help with your sales conversation, let’s talk. I would love to help you become more successful!

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