Your Pipeline is Worthless

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The pipeline you have built, that has hundreds of people and businesses in it, is completely worthless if:

  • There was no research done on the people before they made it into your pipeline.
  • The people in the pipeline have no idea who you are.

So what should you do if one or more of the people in your pipeline fits either of the above categories? It’s pretty simple really. Here are 3 practical ways in which you can but value back into your worthless pipeline.

  1. Hop online and do a bit of research about the people in your pipeline. I have a great document I am open to sharing if you would like. It is on pre-call planning and will be of great value in finding out more about your prospects. Shoot me an email.
  2. Ask people around you if they know the people on the list. You never know who you know until you ask. It used to be six degrees of separation but with technology today, it’s probably closer to three.
  3. Call the people on the list. I didn’t say email, mass-mail, LinkedIn message, or anything else. Calling is a lost art and will allow people to hear a bit of your passion (if you have any) for the product or service you are offering.

I am always open to help you, and if this is an area you struggle with please reach out. And if you know someone that would benefit from this blog, or any other, would you forward this to them via email? They may need some support as well.

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