Unlocking Greatness dives into the depths of personal and professional development, guiding Purpose-Driven Achievers on their journey to success. This podcast is dedicated to those who intertwine their faith, family, and professional aspirations, seeking to pursue their highest potential in all aspects of life.

Each episode of Unlocking Greatness features insightful conversations with industry leaders, influencers, and difference-makers who exemplify greatness in their fields. We explore their paths to success, the challenges they’ve overcome, and the faith and meaning that guides them. Our guests share not just their achievements, but also the wisdom they’ve gleaned in aligning their careers with the rest of their lives.

As your host, I bring my own experiences to the table, offering practical advice and strategies to help you navigate the complex balance of professional ambition, personal growth, and spiritual fulfillment.

Join us as we dive into powerful stories of resilience and purpose-driven achievement. Each episode is an opportunity to learn, grow, and take one step closer to unlocking your own greatness.

Unleash Your Potential, Live Your Faith, Achieve Greatness!

After some thought and discussion with others, I decided to create some shorter podcast episodes along the way that address questions I get from business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales people as it relates to their pursuit of exsellence and success. These questions vary on everything from sales and marketing to productivity and habits. This week,...
Robert Valentino is a Lean Six Sigma consultant and a former US Army Ranger. The experiences, skills, and mindset he acquired during his time in the military are related to Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma is a life and business approach that involves team effort to improve performance and achieve excellence. In this podcast,...
Darren Drennan, vice president of a successful transportation and logistics company, shares his passion for baseball and how a lot of aspects of the sport apply to achieving success in life. Teamwork, motivation, perseverance, and many things essential to playing sports are important factors in reaching your goals. Darren discusses how important it is to...
John Welches, President of Red Mallard, is a story teller, content marketer, and all around amazing guy. In this episode of the podcast John shares his experience in starting a business after leaving his job, asking for help from friends and family early on, differentiating in a noisy marketing world, and ultimately pursuing exsellence in...

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